Ground Covers Other Than Natural Grass That Require the Least Maintenance

May 9, 2024

A lush green lawn is beautiful to look at and walk on. However, authentic grass comes with several disadvantages. People have become conscious of the effects of fertilizers and pesticides. So, they are looking for options that will allow them to cut down on those. Moreover, the grass is high maintenance and is not always convenient, especially if you have ample space. The importance of tree maintenance in landscape construction is as crucial as ground maintenance. Thus, you must be very careful when choosing your options.

Many alternative ground covers we are about to explore have been in use for a long time but recently they are becoming more and more popular. People love how these ground covers have proved healthy for their outdoor space and require little attention.

Contrary to popular belief, green synthetic grass is not your only option when replacing ground cover. There are many available choices for you to make today. So, if you are looking forward to giving your outdoors a makeover, consider these options for ground cover.

Alternative Low Maintenance Ground Covers


If you are tired of your grass growing too fast, moss is a great option. It requires the most minor maintenance, and nothing could be simpler. You neither need to water your ground nor mow it. It tends for itself, and its velvety appearance enhances the look of your garden.

Moss can easily manage foot traffic; you need not change it too often. It makes an excellent choice for areas with water scarcity as it requires no watering. You can choose from different varieties of moss depending on the look and feel you aim for.

Synthetic Green Grass

Synthetic ground covers come with a bunch of advantages. They do not erode your soil and act as a protection. They require very little water and often give you the feel of grass. They endure foot traffic the best, and you need not worry about replacing them frequently.

You need not use pesticides or insecticides too often as they are synthetic and control weed growth. Overall, it is a perfect option if you love grass but hate its inconveniences. Try green artificial grass, and you will never miss natural grass again.

Red Creeping Thyme

If you are looking for something more decadent and want to have a splash of color all over your backyard, red creeping thyme makes a beautiful choice.

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This option is more of an aesthetic choice as it will transfer your tiny outdoor space into a breathtaking beauty. Red creeping thyme is drought-resistant and thus does not require a lot of water. Although it’s called creeping thyme, it surprisingly does not require much mowing or trimming. However, it is essential to note that these can be expensive, so you should only choose it if you have the budget.

Microclover makes a great natural alternative to synthetic grass and is widely used in Honolulu landscaping. It comes with several benefits for the soil and plants growing on them. It acts as a natural fertilizer, reducing the need to inject artificial chemicals. It is rich in nitrogen and thus makes your soil healthy and does not require fertilizer for itself.

It looks beautiful and is low maintenance. You need not water it frequently, making it convenient to have on your lawn. However, note that clover spreads quickly; thus, it is advisable to plant it in patches as it will soon spread and make your yard a beautiful paradise.

Dutch Clover

Dutch Clover can make a great option if you want a touch of tiny flowers on your ground cover. It will make your outdoors look like a fresh meadow. It is thick, can withstand foot traffic, and works excellent for huge spaces as it grows and expands quickly. It is considered among the most challenging ground covers for personal and commercial spaces.

It requires very little water and is naturally resistant to pests. Besides the practical benefits, you get a yard full of flowers, and Dutch Clover is not very expensive.

Final Words 

When choosing your landscape cover, ensure you get your material from a good place. You can consult professionals and use their suggestions. People involved in landscaping services understand the need for your outdoor space and will help you in case of confusion. There are several types of Hawaiian landscaping services in Hawaii that will help you choose the ground cover and much more. What are you still waiting for? Remove that old grass and turn your garden into a new paradise.

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